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Carpe Vita Counselling

Carpe Vita Counselling



Counselling, motivational presentations and community service, provided by Dr Anton Jordaan and Dr Charli Mostert, are the core activities presented under the Carpe Vita banner. We find joy in enabling our clients to seize life.



Providing a specialised counselling service is our contribution to your wellbeing. We work from a narrative and pastoral approach, combining insights derived from studies in counselling and theology. We provide counselling concerning personal and family affairs, issues related to anxiety, intrusive habits, as well as spiritual and religious matters.

Our fees, which can't be claimed from medical aid, are affordable and we offer two free counselling sessions to members (and direct family) of the South African Police Service (SAPS), Metro Police and security personnel. All pensioners qualify for a discount.



Seminars on topics such as parenthood, marriage, relational and individual enrichment, as well as religious and spiritual issues are being presented regularly.

Apart from motivational presentations by invitation, we are also introducing Dr Anton’s Motivia, a series of fun-filled motivational products. The world’s first motivational chewing gum is now available in selected stores. Get your packet right now!



We value the community we serve and are therefore involved in a number of volunteer activities, particularly in die field of Health Care Chaplaincy and Organ Transplantation, such as:

·         Visiting of patients.

·         Training of volunteer chaplain’s assistants.

·         We are Co-founders of the “Hospital and Transplant Chaplaincy” and therefor engage in awareness programmes regarding organ donation and transplantation.


We Specialise in:

·         Enhance your marriage or relationship

·         Stimulate personal and emotional growth.

·         Counter anxiety, be more relaxed & positive.

·         Thwart intrusive habits.


Cell: 083 380 0346


South Africa



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